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We offer a full service mat rental program that operates on a weekly basis. After one of our Mat Representatives tours your facility with you and determines the best spot to place a mat, that is it! We take care of the rest, and every week you will have clean, fresh mats at each one of your entrances and exits. For more information about our Mat Rental Services and types of mats we offer, check out our page:
Our wiper and shop towels are the most absorbent, reusable, environmentally friendly, and low cost option for your business. Learn more about our wiper services here:
Towels are so versatile, that we offer our towel services to many different business types. Hotels and gyms love our towels, but we also offer our services to any business that requires clean towels. Call New England Uniform at 1-800-432-2349 to get started today!
DAMAGE GUARD™ is an insurance program that we offer to our customers, based on a weekly fee, and how many garments the customer is currently using. In the event of an employee being removed from the uniform program and your garments cannot be put back into our inventory, DAMAGE GUARD™ is charged instead of charging an incident fee.
Read more about DAMAGE GUARD™ here:
Our smallest standard mat is 3'x4', and we offer a large mat at 4'x8'. We also offer custom sizes for any application. Give New England Uniform a call at 1-800-432-2349 for more information, or learn more about our mat services here.
We offer many different types of linens for the food and hospitality industries, for many job positions. We offer everything from hand towels and wash cloths all the way to cook pants, chef pants, shirts and more. Learn more about how restaurant linen services here.

At New England Uniform, we offer a garment rental service called the Total Uniform System. This system offers your company and employees the benefit of having a quality, safe, and sanitary uniform at all times, while improving the look of your company. The uniforms are picked up and cleaned weekly so that your employees are always wearing a fresh and clean uniform.
Not only does New England Uniform offer top quality uniforms, but we offer Mat, Mop, Wiper, and other services as well. Whatever your type of business, New England Uniform caters to what you need to keep your company safe and looking good.
GARMENT GUARD™ is an insurance program offered to our customers. When chosen by the customer, we will charge the customer a weekly fee, based on the number of garments that they are currently using. GARMENT GUARD™ is charged, instead of charging the customer a per incident fee each time a garment is changed out, due to any type of wear and tear or exchanges. GARMENT GUARD™ also extends to in service garments lost. Garments not returned when an employee is terminated, or when an account is closed are not covered.
We supply a range of different uniforms for Industry, Commerce, and Government. Including, Industrial, Automotive, Security, Anti-Static, Flame Resistant, Service Uniforms, Executive Uniforms, Aprons and Customization Services.
One of the biggest benefits of mat rental from New England Uniform is that each week your mats will be exchanged with clean mats. Based on your weekly maintenance plan, we'll strategically place mats at entrances and high-traffic areas on a regular basis. This eliminates 70% of your tracked-in dirt, grit, and moisture. Your carpets and floors will stay clean and your cost of cleaning will go down as a result. This weekly exchange will: Reduce labor costs, Improve appearance, Prevent safety hazards, and Protect equipment.
Yes! Garment rental is tax deductible, does not tie up working capital, and involves no added administrative expense.
PREP GUARD™ is an insurance program offered to our customers. When chosen by the customer, we will charge the customer a weekly fee, based on the number of garments that they are currently using. Prep Guard™ is charged, instead of charging the customer a preparation fee each time a new employee is added or a garment is changed out, due to any type of wear and tear or exchanges. PREP GUARD™ covers your emblem fees and preparation fees without upping your invoice, regardless of your volume or turnover.
All of our service areas include MA, CT, RI, Southern VT, Southern NH, Albany, and Hudson Valley NY. We are located at 355 Union Street, West Springfield, MA 01089. For more information contact us at: 1-800-432-2349.
New England Uniform offers customized products for sale for businesses. Screen printing and embroidery is available to add your company’s logo to apparel, like t-shirts and sweatshirts, for employees. For pricing information on products such as Garments, Advertising Hats, T-Shirts & Sweatshirts, Screen Printing & Embroidery, contact a New England Uniform Sales Representative at 1-800-432-2349.
Similar to our uniform and mat services, we will create a mop program for your business with a schedule of when we will pick up old mops and replace them with new clean ones. This will ensure you are using only the best commercial cleaning supplies for your business. New England Uniform also offers wet mops in addition to dust mops for businesses. As part of your mop service program, you can choose which mops would work best for your business, how many you would like, and which sizes.