Our Mat Rental Service Is Your First Step Towards Cleaner Floors!

Research has proven that 90% of the dirt, dust, and moisture found in offices and businesses are tracked in from the outside. It is estimated that the cost of removing a single pound of dirt from a building can be in excess of $500.00. However, only 5-10% of that cost includes equipment and supplies. The remaining 90-95% is what you pay for in labor.

Weather in New England can be unpredictable, sunny one day to rainy the next, and don’t forget about the winter snow storms. Having mats placed outside your business helps reduce the amount of dirt and moisture that is tracked inside. They also prevent the risk of accidents due to tracked-in moisture and reduce maintenance labor costs.

Full-Service Floor Mat Rental Service

New England Uniform offers a full-service mat rental service for customers that can be coordinated with your weekly maintenance plan. With absolutely no inconvenience to you, we’ll strategically placemats at entrances and high-traffic areas on a regular basis, eliminating 70% of your tracked-in dirt, grit, and moisture.

Our freshly laundered mats will capture tracked-in dirt and improve the appearance of your facility. Washing the mats instead of vacuuming them will remove any dirt that is trapped and rejuvenate the mat fibers. Safety is also enhanced with the use of restroom mats, anti-fatigue mats, and safety mats.

An exchange of mats is usually made on a weekly basis, depending on your requirements. This exchange of clean for soiled mats provides the best protection against tracked-in and tracked-around dirt, grit, and moisture. Your floors, carpets, walls, furniture, and fixtures will stay cleaner.

Your mat needs can be determined by working with one of our experienced mat representatives. He will tour your facility with you to help you decide on the color, size, quantity, and exact location where mats should be placed. New England Uniform carries mats in a variety of colors and can create custom mats to display an image, a message or your company logo.

Benefits of Adding Mats to Your Business

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve appearance
  • Prevent safety hazards
  • Protect equipment


Available Sizes:

  • 3′ X 4′
  • 3′ X 5′
  • 3′ X 10′
  • 4′ X 6′
  • 4′ X 8′
  • Custom Sizes

New England Uniform specializes in rental uniform services and also offers other services, like mats, mops, and wipers for companies all across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. We supply companies with durable and functional mats for various industries, like industrial, kitchen, hospitality, and more.


Our mat service areas include MA, CT, RI, Southern VT, Southern NH, and Albany, NY.