If you’re in the automotive industry, then you’re no stranger to how quickly dirty towels accumulate. All it takes is one busy New England afternoon for a pile of dirty towels to accrue, which need to be taken care of promptly. Not only are a pile of dirty towels unsightly, but those towels are also no longer in your clean rotation.

Have you ever run out of towels during a long day? It’s not just a headache, but a total nightmare. Perhaps you figure you can be your own cleaning service. After all, what’s a couple of loads of towels per night, anyway? Before you underestimate what, it takes to have a steady supply of clean towels, let’s dive into the undertaking.


As a business owner, you’re used to putting a lot on your shoulders. However, washing towels is one of those tasks that is better off outsourced. For one, you’re on the hook for the expense of the towels themselves as well as the mountain of soap that will go into keeping them clean.

On the other hand, a towel service has all of that on hand already and their low price point (thanks to the offset cost of bulk business) is often lower than the expense of doing all of this yourself. Why take on the burden of something that doesn’t benefit your business?

Towel Washing is Time-Intensive

Let’s say you’re thrifty enough to procure a steady supply of new towels and can keep them clean at a low cost. Ask yourself, then, when you plan on washing these towels. More than likely, it’ll have to be after-hours after an already-hard day of work. Think for a moment about how you became a successful shop owner in the first place; you knew when to outsource.

Picture this; you spend all day in the shop and, late at night, it’s finally time to go home. Rather than jump into your car, you first have to gather the large pile of dirty and oily rags, bag them up, transport them home, and then get started on cleaning them for the next day. That doesn’t sound like fun to us.

A Towel Service Offers Peace of Mind

We handle the complicated process of washing your wipers as well as the logistics of ensuring you have enough clean towels on-hand for your day-to-day operations. No longer do you need to count or inspect your towel inventory; we’re already handling that for you. Peace of mind is valuable.

We Handle Everything; You Get Clean Towels

Our commitment to you is that you’ll always clean, high-quality towels at your disposal. We want to take that aspect of your business away from you; you have bigger fish to fry. Whether you’re in the restaurant industry or own a gym and/or spa, we can handle the demands and standards of your towel needs, and we’ll do it with consistency.

Are you in need of a towel service in Western Massachusetts as well as the New England area?

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